Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today I went to the mall to have my underarms waxed not only I wanted to try the service of Lay Bare waxing salon but also to avoid the inconvenience of self waxing.

During my high school days my classmates introduced me in shaving our unwanted underarm hair, of course I thought it was cool so I shaved mine as well. (though it wasn't thick and I have like few very very thin hair strands that time haha) then it became a continuous routine yet shaving made the hair strands thicker and I noticed that small bumps starting to appear plus it some what darkened my underarms a little bit.

Then during college days I go for waxing instead. Goodbye with shaving and hello waxing benefits! Waxing is really good especially with those unwanted hairs on the underarms, lady mustache, legs, arms, bikini line etc. since it is less "bump-prone", smoother, may even lighten the underarm and reduces hair growth with continuous waxing.

Lighten the underarm? How?

Remember Shaving is just cutting the hair strand but never pull it out from the hair root so it tend to leave the follicle under the skin and that creates tiny little black marks on the underarm. Also, shaving scrapes thin layer of the underarm skin that results irritation and darkening. While with waxing it pulls the hair strands together with its roots and makes our skin more smoother and appear less dark. (some waxing products has whitening ingredients too!)

I always self wax, I tried different products already but it always take me almost 30 minutes even an hour just to wax my underarms. why?

Some of the products I tested are like this:
I needed to heat the pan and cool it down a little so I can apply it without burning my skin.
Some wax product takes awhile to become tacky; Sometimes I'm in a hurry and I put the wax strip right away not noticing that the wax is still soft and when pull it...voila...nothing pulled out! So its taking me so much time.

I have tried the service of one of the prestigious beauty clinics in the country, I like their service but of course with just simple waxing? they kinda cost too much. Now, LAY BARE WAXING SALON. Hey sounds new to me! I tried to browse their services and prices of course and I was really happy how cheap their services are!

Check it out!

For my first time with them, I tried their underarm waxing service. I entered shop and there were a lot of customers, so I guessed that I'll definitely wait. I asked the receptionist if I can go out and grab some snack and contact me if my "waxer" is ready (that's how they call their crew there and some waxing salon would allow you to go out and they'll contact you once its your turn) but I guess the receptionists weren't really friendly and they said I can go out but they can't SMS or contact me. (well of course attitude may vary)

I waited approx. 15 minutes and finally my turn! they're waxing rooms weren't really classy at all but its simple and clean, which of course more important.

the lady accompanied me to the room and then she went out. when she came back she said; "ay hindi pa po pala kayo nag tanggal ng blazer" -- this is simple yet very essential. why? some 1stime customers wouldn't know what to do so you have to at least advise them.

I lay down and we started our waxing session. wow! I was pretty impressed! the "waxer" was holding a gum-like consistency of wax with her bare hands and started to pull the hair strands on my underarms and it was pretty fast TAKE NOTE it was not painful at all which I thought it would be. If its your first time you will feel a little waxing pain but definitely not the pain that I always experience with my home waxing. Some waxing salon would enter with a bowl of hot wax or soft wax then strips etc. which I was very happy with the simpleness of Lay Bare especially with those people on-the-go like me.

She applied anti bacterial lotion and advised me not to wet it for 4 hours.

My cousin was waiting outside and she was like "tapos ka na??" haha its was really quick it took us less than 10 minutes!

Over all here are my ratings: 10 is the highest.

Friendliness: 8
Cleanliness: 8
Service: 10
Price: 10

I would definitely recommend LAY BARE WAXING SALON to all of you out there who wants to experience professional waxing service but on a tight budget! Lay bare is perfect for you!

I will surely comeback to get my legs done! :)

Note: I was not paid to review them. This is 100% of my honest opinion.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MAC Face and Body Foundation

Hey guys! I am back! I just wanted to do a quick review on the MAC FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION.

I recently purchase 2 shades of this MAC Face and Body Foundation cause I've wanted to have this for so long and finally got my hands on it!

Packaging: the Foundation comes in 120ml/4.o us fl oz bottle which would last me forever since I wanted to use it exclusively for my face only. I love its bottle appearance, professional looking black cap and MAC logo is a huge plus factor!

You might want to use petri-dish when getting the product out since it has this small opening that pours a lot (especially when you squeeze it) since the foundation is a bit liquidy.

This foundation is water based and water resistant. It has sheer coverage slightly "buildable" formulation so it'll give you dewy finish if you apply it with with brush and satiny when applied with your hands. I got a lighter shade this time NC15, but still it blends and works well with my skin. The scent is very light but a bit off for me. (Its not stinky but for some reason I don't like it haha)

If you are a "matte" girl, I wouldn't recommend this foundation for you. After application, make sure to set it dry and buff it with a powder. It will still give you this glowy slight oily appearance on the face so if you have oily face this isn't for you as well. If you tend to have a lot of acne scars, dark circles etc. this wouldn't cover it all.

Whenever I use this, I found my self re-powdering my face a lot of times during the day since I am an "oil prone" person especially with this humid weather here in the Philippines.

As per breaking-out, as of the moment I haven't had any experience with this product yet. :)

Tell me what you think! Please post your comments and questions! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Minty Blue smokey eyes for valentines

Hey guys! Another Valentines day makeup look! =) I thought of pulling out something really eye-soothing yet suitable for a night out =)

Products Used:

-MAC studiofix concealer SPF 35 NC30
-Mint Eyeshadow (honestly I have a random eyeshadow quad from the u.s I honestly don't know whats the brand)
-Blue eyeshadow frosted
-Chocolate brown eyeshadow
-Everbilena single eyeshadow in soft black
-Nichido Pencil eyeliner Brown Black
-Avon Super Extend Mascara
-Ever bilena 2 way cake powder oriental

-MAC powder blush BUFF

Everbilena matte lipstick SKIN

Please watch the video here and finally its HD! yey! :

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 Inspired makeup

Chinese New Year 2011 Inspired makeup!

Please watch whole video here

Product Used:

Everbilena pro flawless skin foundation -natural
Nichido final powder creamy glow

Elianto eyeprimer 1
Fashion 21 eyeshadow stick pearl
28 neutral palette
Avon extend mascara
Secret mettalic blue eyeliner pencil
Everbilena Gold glitter liner

MAC well dressed
Sansan RSVP pink

Dessert treats lipgloss butter scotch.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eyebrow Dyeing

heyA guys! Its been a long time since I started a new blog but I never posted anything yet since I was into Vlogging more (video blog). I made 3 new videos already, but for some weird reason Youtube doesn't want to upload it! It keeps on giving me error message after many hours of waiting and uploaded almost 97% of it, then it will suddenly stop. =c

I have so many things that I want to share with you guys which mostly are on the new videos I made but I still have to figure out something on what to fix/change in my computer so I can upload new videos again.

Today, I just watched Youtube all day and came across with different eyebrow tutorials. In my previous video, I explained there why I am into eyebrow stuffs lately.

Ever since when I was a child, I always get compliment with my eyebrows. I have naturally dark, bushy BUT TAMED AND SHAPED eyebrows. I inherited it from my dad (my dad's eyebrows are pretty for a guy!) I remembered some people thought that my mom plucked and shaped my eyebrows when I was still a kid. haha =D

I always wanted to achieve a celebrity-like eyebrows where, I get tired of my natural brows. I want to have thin but pencil filled eyebrows just like what I always see on photographs, models and celebrities. When I started doing makeup, I never put anything on my eyebrows since they're too dark already coz' if I do put like a pencil on it it'll look darker and scary.

To minimize the "bushy-ness" of my brows, I trim them with a small scissors before I pluck or shave it but it still looks dark at all.

From a professional tip: If your hair is dark you should have light eyebrows. If your blonde and light hair eyebrows should be dark. (which I follow as always)

Curiosity came across me today. I saw a lot of eyebrow dyes in the U.S and U.K but never saw one here in the Philippines. Again, as always, I "D.I.Y." I resort in using permanent hair dye to tint or lighten my eyebrows so I can use my pencils to fill em' in.

I took the risk, BUT ITS ALL WORTH IT!

My eyebrows became lighter and it compliments every eyebrow pencil I use! I used an eyebrow pencil here which doesn't suit my eyebrow color before but it looks good now! =)

I used my orthodontics small brush as a spooly since it has more fine bristles and can cover up the small hairs of my brows. regular eyebrow spooly has large bristles, so I thought of using this instead. Aside from that, its disposable! =)

I pinch a small amount of hair dye of my choice and mix it in a small jar. I picked two colors: brown and Semi-blonde. I mix both together to get the shade that I want. =)

REMINDER: if you want to try this yourself DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! I suggest do this together with a friend or someone that can help you apply the dye so your eyes are close.

Things to consider:
-It is highly recommended to use a designed product for eyebrow tinting rather using permanent hair dye.

-If you are allergic on hair dyes DO NOT USE.

-If you are not sure on the shade that you want, you may try it on a couple of your hairstrands (bottom part) to see its color effect, since some color may vary from the type of hair color and condition.

-Some hair dyes are staining on the skin so you want to apply it just like the way you're applying your regular eyebrow pencil.

-It stings and itch a little on the skin. do it every 5 minutes if u wish to build up the color of your choice.

*apply the dye.. if intolerable itching, wash it with facial soap. rest for at least 5 min. and then reapply. it will always depend on your tolerance =) Good luck!

Note: I emphasize that this is RISKY but do it with care, it should be fine.