Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MAC Face and Body Foundation

Hey guys! I am back! I just wanted to do a quick review on the MAC FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION.

I recently purchase 2 shades of this MAC Face and Body Foundation cause I've wanted to have this for so long and finally got my hands on it!

Packaging: the Foundation comes in 120ml/4.o us fl oz bottle which would last me forever since I wanted to use it exclusively for my face only. I love its bottle appearance, professional looking black cap and MAC logo is a huge plus factor!

You might want to use petri-dish when getting the product out since it has this small opening that pours a lot (especially when you squeeze it) since the foundation is a bit liquidy.

This foundation is water based and water resistant. It has sheer coverage slightly "buildable" formulation so it'll give you dewy finish if you apply it with with brush and satiny when applied with your hands. I got a lighter shade this time NC15, but still it blends and works well with my skin. The scent is very light but a bit off for me. (Its not stinky but for some reason I don't like it haha)

If you are a "matte" girl, I wouldn't recommend this foundation for you. After application, make sure to set it dry and buff it with a powder. It will still give you this glowy slight oily appearance on the face so if you have oily face this isn't for you as well. If you tend to have a lot of acne scars, dark circles etc. this wouldn't cover it all.

Whenever I use this, I found my self re-powdering my face a lot of times during the day since I am an "oil prone" person especially with this humid weather here in the Philippines.

As per breaking-out, as of the moment I haven't had any experience with this product yet. :)

Tell me what you think! Please post your comments and questions! :)

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