Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today I went to the mall to have my underarms waxed not only I wanted to try the service of Lay Bare waxing salon but also to avoid the inconvenience of self waxing.

During my high school days my classmates introduced me in shaving our unwanted underarm hair, of course I thought it was cool so I shaved mine as well. (though it wasn't thick and I have like few very very thin hair strands that time haha) then it became a continuous routine yet shaving made the hair strands thicker and I noticed that small bumps starting to appear plus it some what darkened my underarms a little bit.

Then during college days I go for waxing instead. Goodbye with shaving and hello waxing benefits! Waxing is really good especially with those unwanted hairs on the underarms, lady mustache, legs, arms, bikini line etc. since it is less "bump-prone", smoother, may even lighten the underarm and reduces hair growth with continuous waxing.

Lighten the underarm? How?

Remember Shaving is just cutting the hair strand but never pull it out from the hair root so it tend to leave the follicle under the skin and that creates tiny little black marks on the underarm. Also, shaving scrapes thin layer of the underarm skin that results irritation and darkening. While with waxing it pulls the hair strands together with its roots and makes our skin more smoother and appear less dark. (some waxing products has whitening ingredients too!)

I always self wax, I tried different products already but it always take me almost 30 minutes even an hour just to wax my underarms. why?

Some of the products I tested are like this:
I needed to heat the pan and cool it down a little so I can apply it without burning my skin.
Some wax product takes awhile to become tacky; Sometimes I'm in a hurry and I put the wax strip right away not noticing that the wax is still soft and when pull it...voila...nothing pulled out! So its taking me so much time.

I have tried the service of one of the prestigious beauty clinics in the country, I like their service but of course with just simple waxing? they kinda cost too much. Now, LAY BARE WAXING SALON. Hey sounds new to me! I tried to browse their services and prices of course and I was really happy how cheap their services are!

Check it out!

For my first time with them, I tried their underarm waxing service. I entered shop and there were a lot of customers, so I guessed that I'll definitely wait. I asked the receptionist if I can go out and grab some snack and contact me if my "waxer" is ready (that's how they call their crew there and some waxing salon would allow you to go out and they'll contact you once its your turn) but I guess the receptionists weren't really friendly and they said I can go out but they can't SMS or contact me. (well of course attitude may vary)

I waited approx. 15 minutes and finally my turn! they're waxing rooms weren't really classy at all but its simple and clean, which of course more important.

the lady accompanied me to the room and then she went out. when she came back she said; "ay hindi pa po pala kayo nag tanggal ng blazer" -- this is simple yet very essential. why? some 1stime customers wouldn't know what to do so you have to at least advise them.

I lay down and we started our waxing session. wow! I was pretty impressed! the "waxer" was holding a gum-like consistency of wax with her bare hands and started to pull the hair strands on my underarms and it was pretty fast TAKE NOTE it was not painful at all which I thought it would be. If its your first time you will feel a little waxing pain but definitely not the pain that I always experience with my home waxing. Some waxing salon would enter with a bowl of hot wax or soft wax then strips etc. which I was very happy with the simpleness of Lay Bare especially with those people on-the-go like me.

She applied anti bacterial lotion and advised me not to wet it for 4 hours.

My cousin was waiting outside and she was like "tapos ka na??" haha its was really quick it took us less than 10 minutes!

Over all here are my ratings: 10 is the highest.

Friendliness: 8
Cleanliness: 8
Service: 10
Price: 10

I would definitely recommend LAY BARE WAXING SALON to all of you out there who wants to experience professional waxing service but on a tight budget! Lay bare is perfect for you!

I will surely comeback to get my legs done! :)

Note: I was not paid to review them. This is 100% of my honest opinion.


  1. Waxing is something I've always been slightly scared of! Thanks for the review though x

  2. SUGARING is much better than waxing. It's less painful,less breakage,less ingrown hair. :)

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  5. She applied anti bacterial lotion and advised me not to wet it for 4 hours.
    how to lighten underarms